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G R E E N  T H I N K I N G  AT  C A L A R O S S A

Nature is omnipresent at Cala Rossa, so it is only natural for us to make protecting the environment a real priority.

It is also a unique opportunity to get all of our employees involved in setting up a sorting system for recycling, being more energy efficient, redesigning gardens and creating an organic vegetable garden, and also buying from responsible and local sources as much as possible.

Your help is also essential to reduce waste in all its forms. Thanks to your efforts, we have already been able to significantly reduce the number of laundry loads, but there is still a long way to go…

In today’s world, it is certainly hard to imagine giving up the comfort of air-conditioning. But far too often, windows are left open and rooms temporarily empty with air conditioners running… Apart from the negative impact on appliance systems, such actions lead to a generally unacceptable situation. Our facilities make it possible to cool down your space in just 15 minutes if all guidelines are followed. Thank you in advance for your vigilance.

Greater awareness of ecological issues also led us to create our natural cosmetics brand, NUCCA.

To respect the health of our customers and therapists, we made the choice to ban all chemicals in making our brand, and opted to source the ingredients for our cosmetics from an exceptionally preserved natural environment in Corsica. The toiletry items placed in the room are packaged in recyclable containers.

The marine environment is another area that must be respected and protected.

After almost two decades of absence, molluscs and sea urchins have returned to the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio. On our own small scale, we want to help to protect marine fauna and preserve bathing water quality.

Guests can join us in this ambitious mission during their stay. This is why we ask that guests not use traditional sunscreens containing chemical filters and nanoparticles.

Thank you for your involvement, which is essential to continue to make this lovely hotel a little piece of paradise.

Hélène & Lise Canarelli



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