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The indoor bar

In the heart of the hotel, with its superb terrace set in greenery and smoking room with immaculate linen curtains, this is the place to relax  at the end of the day.

As the sun sets, tranquillity returns, interrupted as you draw closer by the clinking of shakers heralding treats in store.

If you are a whisky, gin or rum lover, our bartenders will be delighted to present their highly specialised collections, featuring the world’s finest names. For smokers, there is an excellent selection from Cuba.

And during concert events, or for evenings when you feel a little peckish, you can prolong the pleasure by choosing piattini, plates to share, accompanied by excellent local wines.

The beach bar

On the waterfront, entirely built from wood, it’s the place to be! For a morning coffee, facing the sea as the bay slowly awakens, for a peaceful look at the day’s news, for a large glass of rosé on ice at aperitif time, for gourmet and ice-cold teatime treats, for a coupe of champagne at sunset.

La Tisanerie

Every sunny morning under the Cala Rossa gazebos in the garden, complimentary natural drinks with abundant therapeutic virtues, created by our “home-made” brand Nucca, are offered for you to slake your thirst or to enjoy during a moment of meditation. “So green”!

The warm beverages are served in small, stylish thermos flasks, while recyclable cups and straws are used for the cold refreshments. The gentle magic of these blends offers relaxation, purification and properties to boost slimming and blood circulation.

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