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Cala Rossa’s garden of Eden

Cala Rossa’s kitchen garden is quite simply amazing. A paradise of vegetation a few metres from the kitchens, encouraging and enhancing gourmet creativity.


Landscape architect Philippe Niez, a poet of the senses and the emotions, was inspired by the Mediterranean basin’s outstanding natural environment to design a deliciously sensual and prolific garden. Surrounded by mimosa and tamarisk, lavender and fig trees stand side by side with aromatic herbs, tomatoes, aubergines, rocket, mangetout and a multitude of other species…

The aim is to attract pollinating insects, with a method that uses straw and compost to protect the soil microfauna, obtaining an entirely organic vegetable garden.

The rewards are apparent, since this kitchen garden has become a marvellous setting for meditation and exploration. The oyster flavoured mertensia maritima grows here, along with turmeric, ginger and Sichuan pepper; at the end is a circle of citrus teas (citron, kaffir lime, limequat, Buddha’s hand fruit and the rare finger lime, or citrus australasica…)

Before sunset, the chef’s assistants appear as if in a culinary dream to gather borage flowers, herba-barona thyme, lesser calamint, raspberries and wild strawberries to complement the chefs’ dishes.