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The Garden

The very first garden didn’t bring Adam and Eve much luck… but gardens have borne fruits, through history, from convents to Chateaux, community gardens to city and country gardens. Cala Rossa’s garden is a dream come true.


Surrounded by high hedges, mimosas and tamaris to protect the plot from “coulis” winds blowing from the summits of the Bavella mountains, this garden, designed in 2010 by landscape gardener Philippe Niez, forms seven circles representing a gigantic bunch of grapes. The biggest challenge was to bring truckloads of soil to re-revegetate each disk and plant every kind of aromatic herb possible around the edges, surround them with hundreds of lavender plants dotted with fig trees, and finally select the best tomato plants, eggplants, zucchinis, rocket, snow peas and thousands more… The garden set-up was carried out in a responsible approach, by mixing flowers, herbs, aromatic plants and vegetables to attract pollinating insects, and also by covering the soil with beds of straw and compost to keep the soil’s micro-organisms. These micro-organisms were essential to attract ladybugs, hedgehogs, frogs and dragonflies in order to create a completely organic vegetable garden.

All the hard work eventually paid off : the garden is now a place where guests come to meditate and admire the  “curiosity corner”, where a wide variety of plants now grow : the  “Mertensia maritima” (the common name is oyster plant), that tastes like oyster, Cucurma and ginger, pepper plants from Szechuan,  and at the very end of the garden, the citrus fruits area with citrus, Combavas, limes, bergamots, Buddha hands and the rare caviar citrus, also known as microcitrus australasica...

A dream come true indeed… a true Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve have stepped aside for our two garden fairies, who hand deliver baskets full of enchanting natural products to the hotel’s kitchen. And, before sunset, kitchen employees venture into the garden to pick borage flowers, erba barone népita, thyme and marjoram, not to mention the wild strawberries and raspberries that will top off the Chef’s creations.